Sexual Assault

Criminal Representation

Sexual Assault


Sexual Assault charges are the most stigmatized in the Criminal Code, and the trials are amongst the most difficult to run.

The rules of evidence are different, and the process to defend them is highly involved.

If convicted, not only do you risk incarceration, you will also be put on the sexual offender registry and may have limitations imposed on your liberty such as restrictions on use of computers and the attendance at parks.

Michael Wendl has the experience, determination and skill to defend you. Not only will you be provided with an outstanding defence, he will also minimize the impact the process has on you by attending court dates on your behalf with a designation of counsel while making himself accessible to you throughout. You will never be passed onto someone else, Michael Wendl manages your file from beginning to end. He is your lawyer and he provides you with peace of mind.

Michael Wendl has the experience and skill required to defend you, he has run sexual assault trials and knows to approach them. The approach is completely different from running an impaired or a narcotics trial.

Finally, Michael Wendl has the discretion and sensitivity required from someone you entrust with your defence.