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Impaired Driving Defence

Impaired cases make up 12 percent of all criminal charges; the most of any offence in the Criminal Code. It is the most litigated area of Criminal Law and one of the most complicated areas of law. It is constantly changing and evolving. It also has the highest conviction rate.

Defending a drinking and driving does not simply involve knowing the law. Your lawyer must have trial experience, knowledge of the absorption rates of alcohol, the roadside breath machines, the breathalyser and your Charter protected rights.

To have a chance at defending a drinking and driving case you must choose the right lawyer.

Michael Wendl is that lawyer. He is devoted to his clients. He keeps up to date on the new cases and legislation while working hard to ensure that his clients get the best defence. If you have a defence to the charge of drinking and driving Michael Wendl will find it.

By hiring Michael Wendl not only will you get the best defence, he will minimize the impact the charge has on your life by attending the court dates on your behalf with a designation of counsel and being available to you throughout the process. Also, Michael Wendl is the only lawyer you will deal with. You are not going to be passed off to someone else, Michael is with you every step of the way.

Defending drinking and driving charges are tough, choose a lawyer that is equally tough.


What Clients Say

After speaking with a number of lawyers in the Hamilton area, Michael was the only one who actually listened to my case and recommended a clear plan of action. His compassion for his clients is something that cannot be matched. I would recommend the services of Michael Wendl to anyone looking for an excellent criminal lawyer.

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